hunter 012221CHICAGO – State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) supported a new law that will radically transform the state’s education system, starting with a more inclusive history curriculum.

“I am happy that yet another piece of the Black Caucus agenda has been signed into law,” Hunter said. “My colleagues worked long and hard to come up with a plan that would help dismantle the institutional racism in our state – and education will be a large component of that.”

House Bill 2170 expands the Black history curriculum in K-12 schools, ensuring that history will be taught through a diverse and inclusive lens. An Inclusive American History Commission will be established to make sure other minority groups have more accurate representation in history courses as well.

Other provisions of this legislation include changes matching requirement for AIM Scholarships, teacher training, early childhood program eligibility and COVID-19 recovery. 

“I am pleased the state is making education more inclusive from increasing the availability of early childhood mental consultations, to finding more equitable ways to fund higher education,” Hunter said. “A deep change was needed, and I believe this will change the trajectory of young Illinoisans’ lives.”

Education reform is one pillar in the four-part agenda set forth by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, which also includes criminal justice reform; economic access, equity and opportunity; and health care and human services. Hunter will be hosting a virtual town hall to break down all four pillars next Monday, March 15 at 6:30 p.m. on her Facebook Live.