Senator Hunter


SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) is spearheading a measure that would develop a program to award grants for apprenticeship programs.

“Many people are interested in participating in apprenticeship programs but often don’t have access to reliable transportation,” Hunter said. “Being able to afford transportation or child care would make a huge difference for many pursuing a career in trade.”

House Bill 5225 creates the Job Training Assistance and Support Services Pilot Program Act which requires the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to develop a program to help aid individuals participating in an apprenticeship program, pre-apprenticeship program, or work-based learning program.

Grants awarded through this program may be used for transportation, child care, housing expenses, technology needs, education, mental health services, substance abuse services, income support and work supplies not covered by other services.

“I hope that this legislation will incentivize more Illinoisans to take part apprenticeship and work-based learning programs,” Hunter said. “Blue collar jobs don’t get enough hype, but they are essential to our local economies.”

House Bill 5225 passed the Senate Labor Committee Wednesday awaits further consideration from the full Senate.