KidneyDiseaseTaskForceCHICAGO — State Senator Mattie Hunter, co-chair of the Illinois Kidney Disease Prevention and Education Task Force, spoke at a town hall Tuesday to share the task force’s progress and findings related to the prevention, detection and treatment of kidney disease.

“Kidney disease is largely preventable, yet it remains a leading cause of death in the United States,” said Hunter (D-Chicago). “It is important to ramp up public awareness efforts surrounding risk factors, early detection, living donations and more to help end this health crisis.”

The town hall fostered community awareness and engagement through presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions. Members of the health equity, awareness and early detection, dialysis, and transplant and donation subcommittees highlighted research and progress on each topic.

The Kidney Disease Prevention and Education Task Force, created through legislation led by Hunter, is charged with raising public awareness and presenting solutions to reduce the prevalence of kidney disease and racial disparities in diagnoses and outcomes.

“This is a very personal issue to many people, including me — as a teen, I watched the impact this disease had on my mother,” said Hunter. “I am grateful to highlight the work this task force has accomplished as we move toward a more proactive approach to kidney health.”

A second town hall will be held Thursday, Nov. 30 from 1-3:30 p.m. at The Park Church, 801 Concord Ave., Rockford. Virtual attendance is available through Zoom.