faraci toro halpin

SPRINGFIELD – Members of the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus helped secure funding through the Illinois Soundstage Program to continue to position the state as a leading production center while boosting economic and workforce development.

“This will help give local filmmakers in central Illinois some additional tools to compete at a national level,” said State Senator Paul Faraci (D-Champaign). “If we want to bring economic opportunity to our area through film, it’s important that the infrastructure is in place to make it happen.”

The Illinois Soundstage Capital Grant Program will help diversify the film industry. The Fields Studio located in Chicago received $5 million, Fresh Films in Rock Island received $3.8 million, and Flyover Studios in Champaign received $1.1 million through the program.

“Western Illinois’ film industry has so much potential,” said State Senator Mike Halpin (D-Rock Island). “Strategic state investment in our film infrastructure, including Fresh Films and the amazing work done at the Quad Cities Regional Film Office, will boost our local economy and give producers an affordable alternative to complete their projects.”

The goal of the Illinois Soundstage Capital Grant Program is to fund studio infrastructure projects in order to bolster Illinois’ rapidly growing streaming, TV and film industry.

“Films help us see the world through other people’s eyes, and empathize with their experiences. It is more important than ever for films to be as diverse as possible and showcase a variety of perspectives,” said State Senator Natalie Toro (D-Chicago). “This grant will make careers in film more accessible to people in my district and throughout our state, and hopefully help elevate our stories to the silver screen.”

The grant funds can be used for building and modernizing soundstages and production space, which will help attract large scale projects to Illinois while simultaneously bolstering business for local vendors and businesses and creating employment opportunities.

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