collins 042021SPRINGFIELD – Restaurants and truck stops will provide their employees with trainings and protocols to recognize the human trafficking problem in the state thanks to a law sponsored by State Senator Jacqueline Collins (D-Chicago) that took effect Jan. 1.

“Human trafficking is a form of industrialized kidnapping and modern-day slavery that hides in plain sight,” Collins said. “Measures like this begin to confront the problem, which disproportionately affects the number of missing Black girls and women in Illinois.”

Collins’ new law brings awareness to state businesses and informs employees on how to report human trafficking to protect potential victims in all corners of the state. The training teaches employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking, allowing them to then enact protocols that signal the appropriate authorities.

The law also follows recent appointments to the Human Trafficking Task Force, which was created by a measure Collins sponsored. The Task Force is responsible for studying the growing number of missing women and girls in the state and giving recommendations to the General Assembly on how to fight it.

“I am proud to sponsor legislation that keeps the safety of at-risk Illinois residents in mind,” Collins said. “These efforts make our communities more aware of the situation while also equipping them with the knowledge they need to act accordingly.”

Human trafficking is an ever-present issue in every corner of the country. In passing the law, Illinois increases the protection of its residents.