CPZ EnvisionUnlimited1CHICAGO – State Senator Cristina Pacione-Zayas (D-Chicago) took time last week to visit two Envision Unlimited facilities in the district she represents. The visit allowed her to see first-hand the importance of providing support for people with disabilities through community-based programs. 

“Envision Unlimited is doing such important work serving people of all ages who live with disabilities,” Pacione-Zayas said. “Meeting some of the program participants and the people that help provide them with support was affirming in knowing what I need to advocate for in Springfield. Having a parent who navigates state disability services, I have witnessed how daunting it can be to secure consistent support despite having a stable family and housing structure.”

Envision Unlimited has served residents of Illinois for over 70 years, in 22 counties, with over 2,000 individuals currently benefitting from their home and community-based programs.  

“The success of our mission to provide Illinoisans who have disabilities a broad array of choices, maximum independence and inclusion in the larger society greatly depends upon the support of state government,” said Envision Unlimited CEO Mark McHugh. “Senator Pacione-Zayas’ interest in the lives of people with disabilities is refreshing and heartwarming. Our staff was honored to host her and grateful that she cared enough to witness what we do on a daily basis to uplift Illinois residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness.”

During her visit, Pacione-Zayas visited the Cornelia Community Integrated Living Arrangement which provides mental health support to women and encourages them to move toward independence. She also visited the Diversey Center whose day program focuses on development and enhancement of daily adaptive living skills and economic self-sufficiency for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

“Envision Unlimited provides not only the necessary safety net, but also targeted clinical support to ensure community members can lead a dignified independent lifestyle,” Pacione-Zayas said. “ I look forward to partnering on how we can leverage future opportunities to advance the mission of the organization.”

Learn more about Envision Unlimited and the support services they provide to people and children with intellectual/developmental disabilities on their website