Senator Connor 2022


SPRINGFIELD – A measure by State Senator John Connor (D-Lockport) to allow Illinoisans to operate motor vehicles if in possession of a digitized mobile driver’s license, or “mDL,” was heard in the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

“Easier identification for residents is beneficial to the motorist, police officers, and for the public,” Connor said. “Our Secretary of State here in Illinois is working with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to prepare for this, as are other states and tech giants such as Apple and Google. “

Senate Bill 3096 as filed would allow Illinoisans to utilize driver’s licenses in digital form to operate motor vehicles and in connection with traffic stops or checkpoints.

“As we continue this process, national standards must be adopted so that when an Illinois driver's license app is rolled out, Illinois drivers can present their mobile driver's license in all other states, as well as at the airport for TSA check-in for air travel,” Connor said. “This legislation will help Illinois determine the best route to take in complying with those standards.”

Discussions regarding the measure are ongoing.