connor 090121SPRINGFIELD – State Senator John Connor (D-Lockport) championed a newly signed law to ensure that when a teacher is found to have engaged in sexual misconduct with a student and seeks a teaching position at another school, that school would be made aware of the situation. 

“This law changes how incidents of sexual misconduct involving teachers are handled by school districts and the State Board of Education,” said Connor. “In the past, predatory teachers could hide behind the privacy protections of personnel records to go from one school district to the next and victimize more children.”


Under Connor’s law, when there is an allegation of sexual misconduct that is found to be supported, superintendents must notify school boards and notify parents. The law also requires schools to conduct employment history reviews on new hires to ensure teachers don’t get fired from one school for sexual misconduct then try to hop to another district.


"I was proud to carry this legislation from Rep.  Michelle Mussman as the Senate sponsor,” said Connor. “The children of our state owe a huge debt of gratitude to Faith Colson, a survivor of sexual misconduct from a teacher, for putting in hundreds of hours of work with all stakeholders to ensure we pass a meaningful law to protect students.”

House Bill 4316 goes into effect July 1, 2023.