Senator Simmons


SPRINGFIELD - In an effort to support seniors and provide them with greater access to the resources they rely on, State Senator Mike Simmons (D-Chicago) initiated a measure that will create the Senior Housing Residents' Advisory Council.

“Our seniors have been through a lot the past couple of years,” said Simmons. We owe them a dignified and comfortable living, and this measure will bring together seniors from across Illinois to lift up some of these common systemic issues that they deal with so we can find improvements in how we deliver services to seniors, how we outreach to seniors, and how we make our state more livable for the seniors who have done so much for us.”

Senate Bill 702 would create the Senior Housing Residents' Advisory Council to evaluate available resources, services, and state outreach for seniors and review the impact of COVID-19 on senior living arrangements. The council will meet quarterly and comprised of a bi-partisan appointees including two seniors who reside in affordable senior housing developments, and two seniors who reside in assisted living facilities.

The measure originated from a people’s legislative council that Simmons held with a group of seniors in 2021.

“This bill will send a message to our seniors that they are loved and their mental and emotional health matter,” said Simmons. “I feel it is critical that my legislative work this spring addresses their concerns about how to keep them safe while also address vital issues in their community like isolation and access to essential services.”

Senate Bill 702 passed the Senate and moves to the House for further consideration.