simmons 061223CHICAGO – In response to attacks on transgender individuals around the nation, State Senator Mike Simmons championed a law to increase inclusivity of gendered language in pre-existing state laws and initiatives.

“This law will ensure the language we use in state statutes and codes is more inclusive. Everyone deserves to be addressed and represented with the pronouns they use and prefer, especially by their state’s agencies and laws,” said Simmons (D-Chicago). “Encouraging inclusive language at the state level is an important step for people to feel safe and accepted by their government while attacks are raging against the LGBTQ+ community in other states.”

House Bill 1596 changes various public acts concerning children to contain more inclusive language, such as changing certain pronouns to general nouns or the nouns to which the pronouns refer, and replacing "biological" family or parent with "birth" family or parent.

“It is someone’s basic human right to be referred to by their preferred pronouns in everyday life,” Simmons said. “I am happy to see this bill being signed into law during the month of Pride, a time where we reaffirm our commitment to making sure everyone is seen, heard and respected.”

House Bill 1596 was signed into law on Friday, June 9 and goes into effect on Aug. 8, 2023.