Sen. Ventura

SPRINGFIELD To promote race amity and showcase the importance of interracial friendships, State Senator Rachel Ventura passed a resolution to declare June 9, 2024 as Race Amity Day in Illinois.

“Race Amity day is dedicated toward encouraging people to come together and celebrate the diversity within our communities,” said Ventura (D-Joliet). “It has been a longstanding principle of mine that our communities should reflect our values. We value each and every Illinoisan and the important friendships and partnerships that we have fostered in spaces across the state.”

Senate Resolution 770 will declare Race Amity Day in Illinois, which is observed annually on the second Sunday in June and is an opportunity to celebrate interracial friendship and showcase the power of interracial partnerships to foster lasting and powerful social change.

Race Amity Day was established to promote understanding, respect, and cooperation among people of different races and cultures and encourages people to come together and celebrate the diversity within our communities.

"Race Amity Day is an opportunity to get the message out that all of us, of all races, backgrounds, cultures, ages, and genders, are all part of our community," said Jim Percic, co-chair of Illinois Citizens for Race Amity. "The purpose of the Race Amity movement is to have all of us make close friendships with those around us from different backgrounds to learn and understand our common humanity. This helps to strengthen our communities and helps to lessen the divisions in society."

Traditionally, it is spent honoring the progress made toward racial harmony while also emphasizing that there is still work to achieve greater racial equality. The celebration of Race Amity Day is meant to inspire people to build bridges of understanding and friendship between different racial and ethnic groups and to work towards a future where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Four states have established Race Amity Day in perpetuity, while three other states have proclaimed Race Amity Day on at least one occasion. Nearly 60 cities and counties in 17 states have also issued Race Amity Day proclamations.

“In times where hate and violence far too often persist, I wanted to pass a resolution declaring a day to highlight the interracial friendships that make our communities stronger,” said Ventura. “I encourage every Illinoisan to promote peace, kindness and welcome friendships regardless of ethnicity, religion, race or sexual orientation every day – not just on Race Amity Day – and to take a look at their own community and see where they can make others feel welcomed.”

Senate Resolution 770 was approved by the Senate on Saturday.