Sen. Paul Faraci

SPRINGFIELD - State Senator Paul Faraci’s measure to rename and expand the ABLE Account Program in honor of the late Senator Scott Bennett was signed into law.

“Senator Scott Bennett was passionate in his advocacy for people living with disabilities and their families,” said Faraci (D-Champaign). “He was their voice, their supporter and their defender when they didn’t have one. By renaming the ABLE Account program in honor of Senator Bennett, his endless service and commitment to bettering the lives and world around him will always be remembered.” 

The program, created and passed by Senator Scott Bennett during the 99th General Assembly, allows individuals with disabilities and their families to save money for expenses related to living with a disability without losing access to certain federal government assistance. Under Faraci’s legislation, the ABLE Account Program will be renamed to the Senator Scott Bennett ABLE Program.

The ABLE Program is a critical tool for individuals with disabilities and their families, allowing them to save and invest for expenses related to their disability without losing access to federal means-tested benefits such as SSI, SSDI, and Medicaid. With a maximum savings limit of $100,000, individuals can rest assured that they have a secure financial future.

“This is exactly how Senator Scott Bennett would want the community to remember him and his legacy,” said Faraci.

Senate Bill 2247 was signed into law on Friday and goes into effect immediately.