Death Penalty

Van Pelt, Peters call for death penalty to be abolished

CHICAGO — Last week, the US Supreme Court lifted a stay of execution of federal prisoners, leading the way for the state of Indiana to conduct the first federal use of capital punishment in 17 years.

State Senators Patricia Van Pelt and Robert Peters (D-Chicago) both call for the dealth penalty to be abolished nationwide.

“In a time when hundreds of thousands of people are dying from a viral pandemic, we should be looking to lower the number of deaths, not unnecessarily add to them," Peters said. "Even if we ignore the fact that many prisoners who are executed are innocent, executing people for crimes is extremely inhumane and barbaric, and it has no place in modern society."

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“Is this the way we want to use the power of the state, in the middle of a global pandemic: to kill people?” Van Pelt said. “There can be no true exoneration after the death penalty. People like George Stinney can never be brought back.”

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Sen. Andy Manar

Manar moves to memorialize MLK Jr.'s 1965 speech at Illinois AFL-CIO convention

SPRINGFIELD — Nearly 55 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his renowned speech at the Illinois State AFL-CIO’s 8th annual convention, in which he predicted that future generations would look back and honor those who sought to unite the Civil Rights and Labor Movements, State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker) is leading an effort to make Dr. King’s words a reality.

Manar filed Senate Joint Resolution 67 last week, calling for a bronze plaque to be placed at the site of the historic address — the soon-to-be restored Illinois State Armory — to commemorate the civil rights icon’s legacy and visit to Springfield.

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Sen. Ram Villivalam

Villivalam speaks for Illinois' growing Asian American population in Illinois Senate

CHICAGO — Reacting to news that the Census Bureau has identified Asian Americans from countries like India and China as the fastest growing demographic group in Illinois, State Senator Ram Villivalam (D-Chicago) vowed to continue to vigorously support Asian Americans, both recent immigrants and those who have been here for generations.

“We need to ensure Asian Americans have access to all of the same state services as other Illinois residents,” said Villivalam, the first Asian American elected to the Illinois Senate and the Co-Chair of the Illinois General Assembly’s Asian American Caucus. “Making sure documents and websites are available in Asian languages is an important first step, and one that I’ve been pushing especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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