Pets for Vets

Loughran Cappel supports pets for vets

SPRINGFIELD – Veterans deserve companionship – that’s why State Senator Meg Loughran Cappel passed a measure out of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee that would waive fees for veterans adopting dogs or cats.

“There is a special bond people share with their animals,” said Loughran Cappel (D-Shorewood). “For our veterans, this bond can help their health and happiness.”

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Sen. Robert Matwick

Martwick measure to hold rideshare companies accountable

SPRINGFIELD – Rideshare companies would be subject to the same care standards as all other transportation companies under new legislation introduced by State Senator Robert Martwick.

“When you get on a bus or a train, or ride in a plane or a taxi, you expect a certain level of professionalism – a certain standard of care,” said Martwick (D-Chicago.) “If something were to happen to you due to negligence on the company’s part, it’s your right to hold that company liable. As it stands, this protection does not apply to rideshare companies, like Uber or Lyft, and it’s time that changes.”

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FishingJoyce measure to allow three-year hunting, fishing and trapping licenses advances

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Patrick Joyce passed a measure out of committee that would allow for an easier way to obtain a hunting, fishing, trapping and sportsmen licenses.

“We are working to provide a practical solution for avid hunters, anglers and trappers in the state,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “It’s a win-win for everyone — making it easier for people to enjoy these hobbies while supporting our state’s conservation efforts.”

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Draw Your Own Map

Illinois Senate Democrats encourage public to draw and submit district boundaries for new Chicago Elected School Board using online portal

The Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus recently launched an updated online map making portal where the public can draw and submit proposed district boundaries for the new Chicago Elected Representative School Board.

The portal builds on the commitment by Senate Democrats to encourage robust public participation in the creation of the new Chicago elected school board districts. This includes a series of public hearings held by the Special Committee on the Chicago Elected Representative School Board in recent weeks to gather input from across the city’s diverse communities.

The portal can be accessed at All maps submitted through the portal will be reviewed as part of the public record. Previously, the public was able to draw and submit proposed communities of interest and upload proposed district boundaries.


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