Gov. Pritzker spoke mostly about the state's successful efforts in ramping up COVID-19 testing, on a day when the state reported 20,000 tests processed in the past 24 hours, the biggest batch of results received to date.

While he said it's an important part of the state's plan to reopen, it is only one component of it, and efforts in all areas must continue. The governor also said three new drive-thru testing centers throughout the state will be announced in the coming days. He also called out the partnership between the state and Pekin-based Reditus in helping expand testing technology.

IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike spoke briefly on the importance of contact tracing as the next stage of fighting the virus. She reported 2,887 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total cases to 73,760, and 130 deaths, bringing the total death toll to 3,241.

Dr. Ezike was asked about the on-gong string of days with triple digit deaths. She advised people should look at averages and not any set of days.

Asked about the struggling restaurant industry, the governor said there should be additional industry support in any new aid package out of Washington.

Asked about other states seemingly going ahead with greater ease in awarding unemployment benefits to gig economy workers, the governor said other states have resources Illinois does not, and they went ahead without following federal guidelines and are hoping they will be reimbursed later.

Asked about a variety of plans being filed by Republican lawmakers and counties and other groups, the governor said he is aware of numerous plans, tries to review all of them and has incorporated many ideas from recent plans into his own plan for Illinois.

“Everybody’s got a different plan,” he said. “This is why you need leadership.”

He also said it shows why the country needed one consistent plan from Washington.

Asked if parents should assume summer camps would be canceled, the governor said, “I wouldn’t assume anything.”

Asked if schools would open for the next school year the governor said he wants schools to open.

“That’s my hope and desire.”

He also said something that applies to many of the hypothetical questions he received today:

“None of us knows exactly what the future holds.”

Asked about Exelon’s continued push for state assistance for nuclear plants, the governor threw the issue to lawmakers.

“We don’t need the high paid lobbyists to be guiding this for us. … My hope is the legislature has been continuing its work.”

He also downplayed the issue altogether.

“Is it true there are higher priorities … yes,” Pritzker said of Exelon’s request.