Gov. Pritzker today announced efforts by the state to make job seeking and job skills training portals freely available to all those unemployed due to COVID-19.

The governor said IDES and DCEO have joined forces to launch Get Hired Illinois, a one-stop shop dedicated to connecting residents with jobs and free skills training. The website is

In speaking to reporter questions, the governor said all metrics for all four Restore Illinois regions are within the bounds that would allow reopening by the soonest date, including the Northeast/Chicago region. He also reiterated statements saying the state will use licensure and local relief funding as enforcement of the Stay at Home Order and again called on local leaders to "be the person they elected. Don't fall prey to rhetoric that says 'Let's open up!'"

Again answering questions on whether the four Restore Illinois regions will be considered, Gov. Pritzker reiterated points he has previously made about the interconnected nature of EMS regions and clarified that the metrics are all based on rolling averages and thus will not be overturned due to "one bad day."

IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike reported 3,239 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, bringing the total cases to 87,937, and 138 additional deaths, bringing the death toll to 3,928.

Other reporter questions:

Asked whether he'll meet with Senate Minority Leader Brady, Gov. Pritzker said he is in daily communication with the legislative leaders and that Brady's calls "sound like grandstanding to me."

Responding to questions on new findings showing some young people afflicted with COVID-19 have exhibited strange new inflammatory symptoms, Dr. Ezike said a meeting of health care providers today focused on this emerging syndrome and steps are being taken to begin tracking cases of it.

The governor also dismissed the possibility of delaying the scheduled minimum wage increase or the possibility that he could face a similar situation the governor of Wisconsin now faces, having had the state's stay-at-home order rescinded by the state supreme court.