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Holmes receives Friend of Education award

IEA AwardRState Senator Linda Holmes (D – Aurora) received the prestigious Friend of Education award over the weekend at the Illinois Education Associations’ annual meeting.

“I am honored to receive the Friend of Education award from the IEA,” Holmes said.  “It’s a testament to the work we have done together to ensure that every Illinois student receives a quality education.”

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Fair Tax supporters converge on Capitol (VIDEO)

A diverse congregation of more than 500 faith leaders converged on the Capitol this week calling on legislators to support a Fair Tax in Illinois. The Community Renewal Society, an organization founded more than one hundred years ago to eradicate racism and poverty, organized the event that included a rally near the Lincoln statue.

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I-STEP new plan for job training, job creation

Bush-ISTEPEmployers and employees could benefit from a new workforce-training program proposal that passed out of the Senate today with bipartisan support.

The Illinois State Training and Employment Program, or I-STEP, sponsored by State Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) would allow community colleges to provide free job training for new hires at companies that are adding to the Illinois workforce.

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Help may be on the way for long-term unemployed

IDES-UIchartThe long-term unemployed and those who hire them could reap the benefits of a new tax incentive proposal that passed out of the Senate this week. SB2698

Even as the economy continues to recover and the overall jobless rate declines, people who have been unemployed for six months or more are not finding jobs at the same pace as those who have only been unemployed for shorter periods of time.

In fact, only about one in ten long-term unemployed individuals gets hired every year.

A new initiative introduced by Senate Democrats is aimed at changing those numbers.

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Harmon: Illinois needs a Fair Tax (VIDEO)

140327 CM 0201csRState Senator Don Harmon believes that voters deserve the opportunity to decide whether or not the state of Illinois should have a Fair Tax or keep its current flat tax system. He’s introduced a constitutional amendment to put the question on the ballot in November.

“Changing the Illinois Constitution to allow us to create a Fair Tax will allow us to apply lower rates to lower income levels and higher rates to higher income levels,” Harmon explained.

Read more: Harmon: Illinois needs a Fair Tax (VIDEO)


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