bennett 022620

SPRINGFIELD – Alumni and students from the University of Illinois System rallied behind State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) in support of higher education in Springfield Wednesday.

More than 200 alumni and students from the University of Illinois System traveled to the Capitol to participate in their annual advocacy day, which included a rally with University of Illinois caucus members.

This event gives students and alumni the opportunity to show their support for higher education legislation and issues, as well as learn about the legislative process. 

Bennett was one of several speakers at the rally, where he expressed his support for Gov. JB Pritzker’s budget proposal as it focused on college affordability and aims to progress funding for state colleges and universities.

“Making college affordable for all Illinois students has always been a top concern of mine as well as my colleagues in the Illinois General Assembly,” Bennett, a member of the Senate Higher Education Committee, said at the rally. “The price tag of a college education is prohibitive for too many students – our students are our future, and higher education needs to remain a priority.”

In addition to the rally, Bennett engaged with a variety of student groups throughout the day to hear their interests relating to their institution and their outlook on the future.

“These advocates were completely engaged in the process,” Bennett said. “I always appreciate students that make the effort to meet with legislators and add to the conversation.”

Bennett also listened to the University of Illinois System administration testify before the Senate Appropriations II Committee on their budget request for Fiscal Year 2021.

The Appropriations II committee will continue to meet through May to regulate expenditures of money for institutions.