munoz open 011222CHICAGO – To revitalize the community while prioritizing businesses and affordable housing, Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council will receive nearly $1.5 million, Assistant Majority Leader Tony Munoz (D-Chicago) announced Tuesday.

The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council is a not-for-profit community organization serving a large area of Chicago’s Southwest Side, including the communities of Brighton Park, McKinley Park and New City. BYNC was created in response to growing social issues, including social disorganization, unemployment, poor housing, and juvenile delinquency, and continues today to organize residents and bring social services and economic resources to the community.

“We need to continue uplifting our community and prioritizing local businesses to create a better future,” Munoz said. “This essential funding will boost the local economy by bringing more affordable housing and investing in the community.”

The final round of Rebuild Distressed Communities program provides $976,000 to 26 small businesses and $7.45 million to help revitalize seven commercial corridors located across the state, including $1,498,750 for Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council.

“The 4600 block of Ashland Avenue has been adversely impacted for decades by the lack of investment in the retail corridor. The result of the civil unrest in June of 2020 further exacerbated an already bad situation, leaving much of the block in physical disarray,” said Craig Chico, president and CEO of Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council. “The Rebuild Distressed Communities Grant is creating an opportunity to not only rebuild from those devastating unrest, but this will allow us to build for the future by investing in affordable housing, community, and commercial activities. The entire retail corridor will benefit from this development 4636 South Ashland, which would’ve not occurred without this State Grant.”

Visit DCEO’s website for more information on assistance available for small businesses or to learn more about ongoing capital programs.

Munoz urges local businesses looking for assistance or for more information on state and local resources to reach out to his office at 773-869-9050 or visit