Sen. Melinda Bush

GRAYSLAKE – Zion Benton received approval to be an Enterprise Zone, thanks to efforts by State Senator Melinda Bush.

“It’s been decades since the Zion Nuclear Power Station shut down and the community is still reeling from loss of jobs and tax revenue ,” Bush (D-Grayslake) said. “An Enterprise Zone in Zion is crucial to create jobs, recruit new businesses and boost the local economy.”

The Illinois Enterprise Zone granted Zion Benton designation to help encourage job growth and investment in the area. Enterprise Zones are a locally driven tool that provide financial incentives for companies and organizations seeking to develop or create new jobs in the Enterprise Zone. This can include property tax reductions, sales tax exemptions on qualifying building materials, investment tax credits and utility tax exemptions, among other local incentives.

In 2018, Bush sponsored House Bill 156 to add inactive nuclear powered electrical generation sites as one of the possible three criteria that an area must meet to be certified as an Enterprise Zone, which would allow Zion to qualify for tax exemptions.

“At its core, this certification is about giving Zion more opportunities for prosperity and growth,” Bush said. “I was happy to be a part of this effort. Our local mayor, economic officials, and village and county officials did a terrific job helping put this proposal together.”

The Enterprise Zone goes into effect Jan. 1, 2020. Once designated, an Enterprise Zone maintains its designation for 15 years. The Enterprise Zone Board will review the Zone after 13 years to determine a possible 10-year extension of the designation.