Senator Castro


SPRINGFIELD – Breast reduction surgery is often considered a cosmetic procedure, but many women suffer from various health issues that would be remedied by this type of surgery. In response, State Senator Cristina Castro (D-Elgin) supported a measure to require insurance coverage for this procedure when deemed medically necessary.

“Ensuring women get the medical procedures they need to help them live their life without chronic pain is important,” said Castro, who has been a longtime advocate for women’s health. “I am proud to support this legislation to help women improve their quality of life without complicated financial strain.”

Women often require breast reductions for medical reasons, including immense neck and back pain, numbness and rashes. Because these procedures are often considered cosmetic, they are usually not covered by private insurance plans.

House Bill 4271, which Sen. Castro is a co-sponsor of, would require private insurance companies to cover breast reduction surgery when doctors deem the procedure as medically necessary.

“Oftentimes, insurers turn a blind eye to women with unique health issues,” Castro said. “This legislation will make sure Illinois women can get the health care they need to improve their well-being.”

HB 4271 passed the Senate Tuesday.