SPRINGFIELD – To promote health care equity and reduce health care disparities in Illinois, State Senator Tom Cullerton (D- Villa Park) is supporting a measure to expand telehealth services that will make it easier for patients to meet with their doctors.

“One thing the COVID-19 pandemic showed us is that there are so many things we can do remotely, including meeting with our doctors,” said Cullerton, who is a co-sponsor of the measure. “Expanding telehealth services will remove many barriers to health care access that many people face, like taking time off work or not being able to find transportation.”

Telehealth services were largely used during the COVID-19 pandemic due to emergency federal and state orders. House Bill 3308 will maintain and expand telehealth services by requiring insurance companies to utilize similar billing processes for both in-person and telehealth services.

With the increase in the use of telehealth services, there has been a great reduction in missed appointments, while increasing care plan adherence and improving chronic disease management. Additionally, telehealth services give people easier access to counseling for mental health.

“Without this legislation, many people would abruptly lose convenient access to their health care,” Cullerton said. “Expanding telehealth services will allow more people to manage their health on their time, whether it’s meeting to refill a prescription or talking to someone about their mental health.”

HB 3308 passed the Senate Sunday.