mil fam 010821FRANKFORT – In order to ease the burden of getting state licenses for military members and their families, the State of Illinois is expediting the licensing review process for military members seeking to obtain professional licensure in Illinois.

State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort) voted in favor of the law, Public Act 100-286, to make this process a reality in 2019.

The expedited review process will be in place for military service members who are on active duty or whose active duty service ended within the last two years. This review process also is available to spouses.

“Keeping working military members and their families in Illinois starts with making it easier for them to get the licenses they need to do their jobs,” Hastings said. “The first report issued by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation shows that we are trending in the right direction.”

In 2020, 140 military applicants contacted the department to apply for professional licenses. Another 135 military spouse applicants contacted the Department, bringing the total to 275. The average initial review time of an application is currently one to three business days.

“The havoc COVID-19 has caused for our economy will take time to fix,” Hastings said. “This program is giving our service men and women the opportunity to contribute to our recovery right away.”