hastingsl martinez 040921SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort) will join Circuit Court Clerk Iris Y. Martinez for a press conference Wednesday to discuss shared legislative efforts to restore public trust and increase transparency in Cook County government.

Legislation currently awaiting consideration in the Senate, Senate Bill 583, would include the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County under the Local Records Act, providing greater transparency to the public regarding how the clerk’s office uses its public funds. The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is a non-judicial office of the judiciary, and not a local government or public body currently subject to FOIA.

“As elected officials, part of our duty should be providing access to public records indicating our actions are in the best interest of the public,” Hastings said. “Clerk Martinez knows this better than most, having led on this issue when she was in the Senate. It is my privilege to follow that lead and partner with her to give Cook County taxpayers the ability to know exactly how their hard-earned money is being used to make their lives better.”


“I’m grateful to Senator Hastings for partnering with me on this legislation to ensure Cook County residents know how their tax dollars are being spent,” Martinez said. “This measure makes a change that will provide greater transparency at the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office long after my time in this position. We have more work to do to regain public trust in government, and this is a very important first step of many more to come to get us there.”