hastings 050621RICHTON PARK - The Village of Richton Park was named a recipient of a $90,679 grant through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Infrastructure Grant Opportunity program, State Senator Michael E. Hastings (D-Frankfort) announced Thursday. 

“Routine infrastructure upkeep is a key component to thriving communities,” Hastings said. “Because of this grant, made possible through the Rebuild Illinois construction program, the people of Richton Park can rest easy knowing their critical infrastructure will remain first class.”

The money will be used to implement the next phase of the Town Center Stormwater Improvements project, retrofitting an existing 0.4-acre dry detention basin to increase its storm water storage capacity and convert it to a wet bottom detention basin. The current dry detention basin has an outflow pipe that immediately delivers storm water from the basin directly into the Butterfield Creek East Branch Tributary.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the Village of Richton Park. The Village has been awarded close to $5 million so far in this $24 million project,” said Michael Wegrzyn, director of Public Works. “Through this grant, the Village will be one step closer to reducing the flooding in this area, benefiting all the residents of Richton Park.”

The project site was chosen by the Village due to its close proximity to the Village’s Town Center and its location upstream of flood impact areas. The Village applied for a GIGO grant from Illinois EPA with a total project budget of $120,905, with Illinois EPA providing $90,679 in grant funds and the Village providing $30,226 in match.