Sen. Robert Peters

CHICAGO — State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) announced today that adult literacy programs in his district will receive nearly $140,000 in state grants.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White awarded the grants through the Adult Literacy Grant Program, which helps learners develop and enhance their reading, math, writing and English-language skills.

“These programs offer invaluable services to those seeking to improve their reading skills and to those learning English for the first time,” said Peters. “Programs like these don’t shame folks for their language abilities, but instead lift them up and provide them with the opportunity to learn and develop those skills. I am grateful that the Secretary of State made these meaningful, people-centered investments.”

The programs receiving funding in the 13th District are:

  • Learning for Life, Family Legacy Foundation: $125,000
  • Delta Literacy Project, D’Estee, Inc.: $14,259

A total of 14,352 learners will be served by adult literacy programs around the state. A total of 6,086 volunteer tutors will provide training for learners putting them on the path to lifelong learning. Adult literacy projects help adults who read below the ninth-grade level or speak English at a beginning level to improve their reading, writing, math or use of English as a new language.

“An estimated 2.1 million Illinois residents need adult literacy and/or English-language instruction,” White said. “I am pleased to provide funding for 113 local literacy projects that will allow adult learners to achieve their utmost potential in the upcoming year. I will continue to do all I can to ensure that every citizen of this state has access to quality literacy programs.”

In total, the secretary of state’s office awarded $5.6 million in grants to adult literacy programs around the state.

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