u of chicago 082720CHICAGO – Earlier this week, the US Department of Energy announced $115 million grants for quantum research centers at two facilitates affiliated with the University of Chicago. State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago), who represents the area including the university, is excited and hopeful about the future prospects the grants bring to the district as well as the state as a whole.

“These grants are going to put the University of Chicago and the state of Illinois at the forefront of quantum sciences and research,” Peters said. “Much like how the region of California known as ‘Silicon Valley’ became the hub of technological advances, these grants will make Illinois the place to be when it comes to the emerging field of quantum sciences.”

The grants came as part of the Department of Energy’s National Quantum Initiative. Of the five grants awarded, two were given to facilities in Illinois. Fermilab, located in Batavia, will use the grant money to establish the Superconducting Quantum Mechanics and Systems Center, and Argonne National Laboratory, located in Lemont, will use it to establish the Q-NEXT Center. Both facilities are managed by the University of Chicago.

“As we move further into the 21st century, and technology and science continue to advance, I’m excited our friends and neighbors are the ones leading the way,” Peters said.

In total, $765 million was awarded to universities and research facilities across the country.