peters armory 031021SPRINGFIELD – On Oct. 7, 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered a speech to the Illinois AFL-CIO at the Illinois State Armory. A resolution sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) would place a bronze plaque at this site, commemorating this historic event.

“Dr. King is one of history’s greatest Americans, who worked untold wonders for Black folks in this country,” Peters said. “While he is rightfully most known for his advocacy for civil rights, he also advocated for labor rights, and 55 years ago, in the shadow of the Illinois Capitol, he gave a speech outlining how intertwined the two are. We should commemorate this historic occasion and honor one of the most important figures in the fight for civil and labor rights.”

Senate Joint Resolution 3 would urge the Illinois Armory committee to use funds allocated to it by 2019’s statewide construction plan to place a bronze plaque at the site of the speech. The plaque would also include quote excerpts from the speech.

The resolution passed the Senate State Government Committee and will be sent to the full Senate for further consideration.