peters 051921SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Peters (D-Chicago) released the following statement after the Senate voted to send the Fiscal Year 2022 budget to the governor:

“Over the past year, I’ve fought for many institutional changes that help combat systemic racism that holds Black and Brown folks down. This budget ensures that there is equity in how Illinois spends its money and that everyone in our state, regardless of ZIP code, is given the opportunity to live their best life.

“This is our first state budget following a global pandemic that nearly crippled the world’s economy, and the services and programs the budget funds will help shore up stability for the people in Illinois who are struggling the most.

“By diverting the money from former President Trump’s corporate tax giveaway to small businesses and workforce development programs in our local communities, we’re working toward winning real safety and justice for all and marching toward a future where no one is left behind and everyone is made whole.”