peters 010623SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Robert Peters is leading a measure that would allow principals and assistant principals in the city of Chicago to collectively bargain.

“For far too long, Chicago principals have not had a say in the work environment and procedures that affect them, as well as their students,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Chicago principals have a voice when it comes to their working conditions, and their voice deserves to be heard and valued.”

By clarifying which educators are considered qualifies “managerial employees”, House Bill 5107 ensures principals and assistant principals in Chicago will have the right to unionize.

“CPS is not only the largest school district in the state, but one of the largest in the nation,” Peters said. “With its size and staffing shortages come unique challenges that need to be addressed. I believe we should trust its principals to help create solutions to build a better work environment.”

If signed, principals and assistant principals could negotiate a work contract to focus time on developing teachers and school culture instead of dealing with problems that fall under the district’s responsibility.

School administrators in New York, California, New Hampshire, Alaska, Connecticut and several other states have collective bargaining rights.

House Bill 5107 passed the Senate Friday and awaits the governor’s approval.