peters 032123SPRINGFIELD – A measure adding protections for homeowners and tenants who lose their home or residence due to a property tax sale as a result of unpaid property taxes sponsored by State Senator Robert Peters passed committee on Tuesday.

“Adding protections for homeowners and tenants with overdue property taxes upholds the humanity of those going through tough times,” said Peters (D-Chicago). “Homeowners and tenants need to be protected from predatory tax deed purchasers.”

Current law requires tax deed purchasers to give renters notices to move immediately, with no regard to how long they have lived at the property or if the renter has a written or oral rental agreement. Tax deed purchasers have the right to file an eviction against the renter and anyone living at the property under current law, which can negatively affect the renter’s credit record even if the renter did no wrong.

In addition to adding protections for homeowners and tenants, tax sale buyers will also be required to identify current tenants and provide those tenants with notice that ownership has changed, how to contact the new owner and how to continue to pay rent.

“Homes hold a lot of memories, especially for our most vulnerable communities,” said Peters. “Under this measure, we can work with families to prevent homelessness by educating them on ways their local government will help them get through rough times, instead of intensifying them.”

Senate Bill 2082 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and will now head to the Senate floor for further consideration.