SPRINGFIELD – In an effort to protect the beaver population and regulate the activities of nuisance wildlife operators, State Senator Patrick Joyce advanced a measure out of the Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday.

“Some people don’t realize that beavers provide benefits to humans, such as improved water quality and flood control,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “It’s important we protect these animals and trap them correctly without destroying their homes.”

House Bill 2461 would make it unlawful to destroy or disturb dams, lodges, burrows or feed beds of beavers while trapping them. Additionally, the bill requires that anyone who acts as a nuisance wildlife control operator for a fee must obtain a permit.

This legislation will help ensure that the beaver population can thrive and continue to provide important benefits to our environment, as well as ensuring that only qualified and responsible operators are performing correct trapping services.

“Wildlife operators provide an important service by removing unwanted animals from homes and other properties,” said Joyce. “This measure aims to help the beaver population, but also to make sure operators are engaging in ethical practices and only removing wildlife as necessary.”

House Bill 2461 passed the Senate Agriculture Committee and now heads to be heard before the full Senate.