joyce fire ed 050423SPRINGFIELD – A measure led by State Senator Patrick Joyce that would bring more fire prevention education to children across the state passed the Senate Thursday.

“Many accidental fires can be prevented, which is why it’s important our youth have knowledge about fire prevention,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “With proper education from experts, we can provide children the tools they need to make responsible decisions.”

Joyce’s legislation would create positions of certified youth firesetter interventionists in the Division of Arson Investigation within the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

These positions would help local authorities stress the importance of fire safety. They would conduct firesetter interventions and would work closely with families, schools and other organizations to provide education, support and guidance to children.

”Fire education can save lives, so it’s crucial children know what to do in emergency situations,” said Joyce. “By providing targeted intervention and prevention strategies, we can help protect public safety and prevent future incidents of firesetting behavior in our communities.”

House Bill 2372 passed the Senate.