joyce 051123SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Patrick Joyce championed a measure that passed the Senate Thursday that will allow an easier way to obtain a hunting, fishing, trapping and sportsmen license.

“This is a commonsense measure that will save people time,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “People will have more time to engage in outdoor activities without having to worry about if their license is expired.”

House Bill 3677 will allow Illinois residents to obtain a three-year fishing, hunting, sportsmen’s combination or trapping license at three times the cost of an annual one.

Under current law, people have to renew their license for these activities every year. This legislation will make the process easier for individuals by allowing them to renew the licenses after three years rather than one.

“This is a big convenience factor for people who hunt, fish and trap, but it also helps out our state’s conservation,” said Joyce. “By switching to three-year license options, we will save people the hassle of renewing their license every year while also helping generate more revenue at a time for the state’s conservation efforts.”

House Bill 3677 passed the Senate.