joyce 022024SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Patrick Joyce introduced a measure before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday that would expand the Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve in Will County.

“The transfer of this portion of land would be a big win for the Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “By acquiring more land, there would be an increased opportunity for public uses, allowing residents to further enjoy the natural resources included within.”

Senate Bill 3091 authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to transfer over 10 acres of land to the Will County Forest Preserve to expand the Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve, located in Joyce’s district.

“Preserving our natural landscapes is essential so we can be certain our lands remain in good condition,” said Joyce. “This legislation shows the dedication to environmental conservation and land management, ensuring that these 10 acres remain protected and accessible for years to come.” 

Senate Bill 3091 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and now awaits consideration among the full Senate.