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SPRINGFIELD – In an effort to increase emergency contraception access on college campuses, State Senator Celina Villanueva championed a measure that would allow college students to purchase non-prescription wellness products at a reduced price in at least one wellness kiosk on each campus.

“Many college students are already facing financial hardships in college due to limited funding and a lack of resources,” said Villanueva (D-Chicago). “The last thing students need to be worried about is breaking their pocketbooks in order to get proper health care on campus.”

Senate Bill 1907 advances equal reproductive healthcare rights for students enrolled in public institutions of higher education, including those enrolled in community colleges. This legislation establishes the Public Higher Education Act, which would require public colleges, universities and community colleges to offer emergency contraceptives and other products at a reduced price in at least one wellness kiosk on each campus. A wellness kiosk, similar to a vending machine, would offer non-prescription items such as menstrual products, pregnancy tests, prophylactics and emergency contraception.

As emergency contraceptives can be difficult to obtain and need to be taken within a short window of time, this measure directly addresses students’ immediate needs. Organizations like the American Society for Emergency Contraception exclusively work to ensure that all college campuses have accessible and affordable emergency contraceptives available, as they understand the importance of equal healthcare resources being accessible for college students.

“We have to continue implementing legislation that will provide college students with affordable options on campuses in Illinois,” said Villanueva. “The well-being of college students is just as important as the well-being of all Illinois residents.”

SB 1907 passed the Senate Executive Committee on Wednesday and heads to the Senate for further consideration.