elearningCHICAGO – Teachers and students will have extra support during the COVID-19 crisis thanks to an education package championed by State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) that was signed into law on Thursday.

“These changes will help students and teachers to overcome the new challenges they face during the pandemic,” Villanueva said. “As we move forward, we must find new ways to ensure that students are able to maintain a path to success in their education.”

The education package extends educator license renewals for one year, so teachers don’t have to go through the renewal process while working remotely. It also allows for mandatory tests to be taken remotely, so students will not need to risk infection while taking a required college entry exam.

For higher education courses, a grade of “pass”, “credit” or “satisfactory” during the public health emergency is transferable and will fulfill prerequisite requirements for more advanced courses. The package also modifies the income requirements for the AIM HIGH education grant program. Under this new provision, a student’s income when they enter the program will remain their income for the duration of their inclusion in the program.

Senate Bill 1569 was signed by the governor on Thursday and is effective immediately.