utility meter

SPRINGFIELD – Starting Jan. 1, grieving family members will have one less task to worry about, thanks to a new law championed by State Senator Meg Loughran Cappel (D-Shorewood).

Loughran Cappel’s law ends early termination fees for utility customers who die before the end of a contract.

“While a family is grieving the loss of a loved one, the last thing they want to deal with is pesky utility fees,” Loughran Cappel said. “The new law will end this unfair practice and protect working families from unnecessary bills.”

This issue was raised by an Illinois resident after reading a news article highlighting a California family who was facing an early termination fee after a family member had died. New York passed a similar law.

“Enacting this new law sends a signal that Illinois is leading by taking a proactive approach to consumer protection,” Loughran Cappel said.

The legislation passed the Senate and House with bipartisan support.  The law, now Public Act 102-0112, takes effect Jan. 1, 2022.