mlc 031422SPRINGFIELD – To improve career readiness after high school, State Senator Meg Loughran Cappel (D-Shorewood) supported a resolution in the Senate urging high school educators and counselors to promote career and technical education.

“When students and families are thinking about a post-high school education, trade schools are not always considered a viable option,” Loughran Cappel said. “It’s vital that we create opportunities for students to learn about additional career opportunities that they can succeed in.”

Under the resolution, high school educators and counselors would be encouraged to assist each student to determine an appropriate post-secondary plan based upon their skills, strengths and goals and help them implement the best practices that improve career readiness after high school so that they can find an appropriate pathway.

“The reality is that trade schools are a practical, affordable, career-focused option for many graduating seniors,” Loughran Cappel said. “This resolution will set students up for success by giving them the guidance they need to determine the best career plan after graduation.”

Senate Resolution 834 was adopted by the Senate Thursday.