SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Karina Villa attended a press conference with Representative Lakeisha Collins and Children’s Home & Aid regarding legislation that will provide a monthly diaper allowance for families who meet certain income thresholds.

“It is important to bring awareness to the diaper need within our communities,” said Villa (D- West Chicago). “Diapers are an essential household item for new parents, and while approximately 1 in 3 parents experience diaper need, caregivers in poverty are unable to purchase diapers with their SNAP or WIC benefits. I want to pass legislation that will address this gap.”

On average, 12 diapers are needed per day for infants and toddlers, which can add up to $80-100 spent per month on diapers. With inflation and the increasing cost of basic goods, diaper prices will weigh even heavier on struggling families. A diaper allowance will put money in the pockets of low-income families struggling to pay their bills.

“Being a new parent is hard, and caring for a young child is one of the toughest jobs in the world, on top of worrying about the additional financial burden that job might present,” Villa said. “This legislation will lighten the load and help caregivers and young children all over our state.”

When children wear diapers for too long or wear diaper substitutes, they can experience irritation, prolonged diaper rash, or even Urinary Tract Infections. These issues can lead to longer-term, expensive health complications. Diaper need is a significant issue impacting families.  Senate Bill 1294 will address the serious diaper need families face by providing a monthly allowance of $70 per child.

Proposed legislation to deal with this problem is Villa’s Senate Bill 1294 and Rep. Collins’ House Bill 1347.