taylorville airport 120221SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) announced a $1.4 million state investment to help maintain and upgrade the Taylorville Municipal Airport on Wednesday.

“The Taylorville Municipal Airport provides good-paying jobs and economic stability to our community,” said Turner. “The new funding will allow for improvements to runway rehabilitation, which is critical in ensuring the safety of our commuters.”

The 96 projects selected for funding will help meet the needs of airports large and small in both urban and rural communities. Projects will include planning, construction, reconstruction, development and improvement of public airports to increase safety and efficiency. Communities also will benefit from increased aviation access, good-paying jobs during construction and long-term opportunities for workforce expansion.

Among the projects to receive funding, the Taylorville Municipal Airport is set to receive $1.4 million for construction to the airport’s runway.

“The Illinois aviation system is one of the largest in the nation,” said Turner. “These funds will help maintain and develop the area to help workers thrive after such a tough year.”

A full list of recipients can be viewed on the Department of Transportation’s website.