Senator Turner 2 2022


SPRINGFIELD – To address the teaching shortage in the State of Illinois, State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) is championing a measure to allow school districts to hire substitute teachers with a short-term license for longer periods of time.

“Advancing this bill will mean that schools across the state will have an easier time finding a suitable substitute for their classes,” said Turner “The pandemic has caused many aspects of our society to adapt, so shall our schools.”

The pandemic has caused a great deal of disruptions, especially to the education system in Illinois. The state is currently facing a teacher shortage, and with COVID-19 causing a great deal of teacher absences, the need to fill classrooms with substitutes is vital. The bill will raise the cap on consecutive days a short-term sub can teach from five to 15 days.

“I hope this bill alleviates some of the educational stress across the state,” Turner said. “I am hopeful we can continue to work together on this commonsense solution that ensures the children of Illinois retain their access to a high quality education.”

SB 3907 passed the Education Committee Tuesday and awaits further consideration.