CIL AA history museum 031522SPRINGFIELD – The Springfield and Central Illinois African American History Museum and the City of Springfield are set to receive $662,545 and $355,400 respectively to make improvements and create new exhibits, thanks to support from State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield).

“Our city museums provide excellent educational opportunities and give people near and far the chance to learn about our history,” Turner said. “This initiative is making a significant investment to our local museums that will attract more visitors and educate our community for years to come.”

The Illinois Public Museum Capital Grants Program, overseen by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is open to any museum operated by a local government or built on municipally-owned land. The maximum grant award for projects is $750,000, and matching funds are often required based on museum attendance.

The program will distribute a total of $19.7 million in grants to 36 Illinois museums for facility improvement and development of new exhibits.

Investments for the Illinois Public Museum Capital Grants Program are funded by Rebuild Illinois. More information about the program is available here.