Senator Doris Turner


SPRINGFIELD – A measure State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) championed to allow school districts to hire substitute teachers with a short-term license for longer periods of time was signed into law Wednesday.

“The pandemic has caused many aspects of our society to adapt – especially our schools,” Turner said. “We have many well-qualified substitute teachers ready to fill the void when teachers are out of the classroom – let’s empower them to step up.”

The pandemic has caused a great deal of disruptions, especially to the education system in Illinois. The state is currently facing a teacher shortage and the need to have qualified individuals step in is vital. SB 3907 will raise the cap on consecutive days a short-term substitute can teach from five to 15.

“We are working to alleviate some of the stress our schools are facing when it comes to the ongoing teacher shortage,” Turner said. “I am hopeful this law will increase the quality and stability of our youth’s education.”

Senate Bill 3907 goes into effect immediately.   


ATTACHED: Senator Turner’s remarks at bill signing.