rural healthcare 051722SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) recently championed a law to provide financial incentives to physicians who perform medical services in rural areas.

“We must work to improve access to quality care in rural Illinois,” said Turner. “Passing this law means that people across the state will have increased access to high quality health care.”

Private rural health clinics have opened in more recent years, providing the same quality care as hospitals in communities across the state. Physicians working in private clinics, at times in underserved areas, are not currently eligible for loan forgiveness even though they sometimes work in underserved areas. Senate Bill 3017 addresses the shortage of physicians in rural Illinois by providing additional eligibility for loan forgiveness – allowing those in underserved areas to qualify for assistance. 

"Senate Bill 3017 will help enhance recruitment and retention efforts,” said Phil Johnson, MD with Litchfield Family Practice. “Doctors, physician assistants and advanced practice nurses for rural health care facilities are very concerned about both recruiting and retaining skilled medical staff.”

SB 3017 was signed into law on Tuesday and takes effect immediately.