turner 032123SPRINGFIELD – Illinois could see a new state flag under a measure spearheaded by State Senator Doris Turner that was signed into law Monday.

“Illinois’ current flag design has the state seal on it,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “While the state seal represents government, the flag should be a symbol for the people. History is living, breathing and ever evolving and our flag needs to represent what makes Illinois the great state it is.”

Turner’s law creates the Illinois Flag Commission to develop new state flag designs. The commission will make recommendations to the General Assembly deciding whether the current state flag should be replaced with a redesigned state flag. If they decide the flag should be replaced, the commission will report recommendations to the General Assembly by Dec. 3, 2024.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources explains Illinois’ state flag history. There have been two official state flags – the first was adopted in 1915. The second was adopted in 1969, which did not change the original design of the flag but added “Illinois.”

In 2021, Utah passed a similar law creating the Utah State Flag Task Force which provided design toolkits to libraries, schools and other institutions. The task force received around 7,000 flag designs and over 44,000 public comments. According to Utah’s Department of Cultural and Community Engagement, students, educators, families and more were invited to participate in the process of choosing Utah’s new state flag.

“This initiative was designed to promote public involvement and community input,” said Turner. “Let’s get people excited about Illinois!”

Senate Bill 1818 takes effect immediately.