Sen. Mike Halpin

Halpin measures to increase access to community college signed into law

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois students will now have access to more educational resources and broader opportunities thanks to two laws championed by State Senator Mike Halpin.

“Through these new laws, students will be equipped with opportunities that suit their individual interests and aspirations,” said Halpin (D-Rock Island). “By breaking down traditional barriers and expanding access to student directory information, we can enable students to explore a broader range of educational options, which will help keep students in Illinois.”

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Belt measure to address teacher shortage signed into law

SPRINGFIELD – A new law led by State Senator Christopher Belt will increase transparency and accountability in the operation of housing authorities in the state.

“Everyone should have access to affordable housing. No one should have to question whether they will have a roof over their heads to protect them and their families,” said Belt (D-Swansea). “With more accurate wait list information, we can streamline the housing application processes and promote fair and equitable access to affordable housing opportunities.”

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Safety precautionsMorrison law to enhance security and safety precautions in schools

SPRINGFIELD – Violent threats against schools are becoming all too common, leading State Senator Julie Morrison to champion a newly signed law to require rapid entry protocol for law enforcement and first responders, including the threat of firearms.

“Our first responders must be equipped and trained to handle any emergency situation – especially within schools,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “School shootings are sadly happening at record rates – we must be prepared in case tragedy strikes.”

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Sen. Paul FaraciSenator Scott Bennett's public service recognized under new Faraci law

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Paul Faraci’s measure to rename and expand the ABLE Account Program in honor of the late Senator Scott Bennett was signed into law.

“Senator Scott Bennett was passionate in his advocacy for people living with disabilities and their families,” said Faraci (D-Champaign). “He was their voice, their supporter and their defender when they didn’t have one. By renaming the ABLE Account program in honor of Senator Bennett, his endless service and commitment to bettering the lives and world around him will always be remembered.”

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